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Government 5 point plan on lockdown easing

Boris Johnson has confirmed that the final decision to proceed with step four of the Covid roadmap will be reviewed on 12 July and subject to the latest data, however he stressed that we must balance the risks and learn to live with the virus. The reason that step four has been delayed is to allow more time ‘to get jabs in arms’ and currently 45 million people have had their first jab and 33million their second dose. By 19 July, every adult will have been called to receive their first dose and two thirds their second. There is now more evidence to show that vaccines break the link between infection and death.

He outlined a five point plan for living with covid which includes the opening of businesses and moving away from legal restrictions:

  1. Reinforce the vaccination programme and reduce the interval from 12 weeks to 8 weeks for the under 40s, with a booster vaccination programme planned for Autumn for the most vulnerable.
  2. Move away from legal restrictions to be able to make our own decisions. This includes scrapping the 1m-plus rule, no requirement to wear facemasks, although encouraged to continue on public transport.

All businesses will be open including night clubs and there will be no limit on numbers to events (indoors and outdoors). There will be no Covid certificate required for entry, although businesses can make use of certification and the NHS app.

  1. Test, trace and isolate to remain in place with requirements to self isolate if testing positive or told by NHS to do so.
  2. Maintain border controls for red list countries and work with the travel industry to look at removing the need to self isolate for fully vaccinated passengers coming from amber countries.
  3. Contingency planning for winter and working to provide strengthened guidance on how to proceed, for businesses and individuals.

From 19 July, fully vaccinated and under 18s will no longer need to self-isolate on return from amber list countries, and the iverall ban on amber list travel will be lifdted. However be aware that other countries will have their own rules regarding quarantine and entry for British travellers so chekcing beforehand is vital. See amber list countries